Our Mission

StopTrumpsWall.org is a concept to create a not-for-profit organization that opposes the proposed wall along the Mexican border that President Trump is planning to build.

What's the plan?

My name is Bob Winthrop and I believe that this wall is immoral, un-American, and a spectacular waste of taxpayer money. If you want to support stopping this wall, please sign up at the sign up page.

We’re not asking for money now – we will ask when we get a critical mass of supporters who want to get behind our effort.  Once we achieve critical mass we will send out a notification, a link to a “go fund me” site, and request you go there to donate at that time.

How we will stop the wall?

Below is a summary of our plan, but if you want more detail, jump to: "How we stop the wall"

  1. Create the logistics infrastructure to allow people to conduct "protest-tourism."
  2. Provide resources to anyone suing a construction company that bids to work on the wall.
  3. Develop a media campaign to publicize opposition to the wall.
  4. Implement a "go fund me"-type site to pay for expenses related to protest logistics and litigation (but ideally it's mostly pro bono lawyers).


Next Steps in the Plan:

  • Identify if there’s enough support to make this organization viable. To that end, please sign up.  We don’t want any money now, we just want know whether you will pledge at least $10 once the go-fund-me site is live.  When we have a critical mass of supporters, we will take the "go fund me" site live and begin to implement our plan.
  • Create a 501(c)4 not for profit organization
  • Recruit a board of directors


What we will do with your money:

  • Purchase Officers and Directors insurance to protect the board against any lawsuits
  • Hire a student worker at a living wage ($15) to implement the vision of the organization and the board. This would include:
    • Publicizing the organization
    • Additional fundraising
    • Research what companies are planning to bid on building the wall
    • Identifying where the wall would be built and start to work on the logistics for protest tourism
    • Recruit lawyers for helping with litigation support
    • Recruit celebrities and film makers for the advertising