How will StopTrumpsWall.Org fight the Wall?

  1. Create the logistics infrastructure to allow people to conduct "protest-tourism."  US Citizens would travel to a location very near where work was being conducted on the wall.  There would be a campsite facility set up with logistical support so people could shower, and take a Trump as needed.  Families could stay at the campsite facility and during the day, adults could travel to the wall work site and protest.  Families and individuals could stay for one or two days or weeks at a time.


  1. Provide resources to anyone suing a construction company that bids to work on the wall. Any company that is large enough to make credible bid to work on the wall will most likely have people suing them.  If the lawsuits are evaluated and have any merit whatsoever, we would provide legal support and funding so that they can take the suit to trial rather than settling.  We'd need to recruit lawyers to work on this, but my guess is there would be several who would be psyched to do this.


  1. Develop a media campaign to publicize opposition to the wall – recruiting celebrity spokespeople and movie makers to make humorous commercials that convince the American people how ridiculous the idea of the wall is.


  1. Implement a "go fund me"-type site to pay for expenses related to protest logistics and litigation (but ideally it's mostly pro bono lawyers).